Hello Lovely,

My name is Jennie and I am the designer behind Leonie. I make all pieces by hand using wire wrapping techniques, fusing my love of metals with my love for all things botanical and faerie. My hope is to bring to life a joyous and ethereal feeling in those who wear my designs.

My hope is that in wearing a Leonie headpiece, you will celebrate divine femininity, your unique beauty, your own sense of style.  I want you to feel confidant, radiant, and like the gorgeous lioness that you are.

The collection is named after my Grandmother Leonie, who embodied the magical spirit felt in my pieces. Leonie served in the British military, before becoming a war bride and leaving all she knew behind. Through great personal struggle, she raised three kind hearted daughters, my Mom included. She will always be remembered for her beautiful smile and shimmering eyes. Leonie was everything that I hope to exude from my designs; Strong. Beautiful. Badass. 

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